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Zapatos Perdidos

Zapatos Perdidos is the guitar duo comprised of Phil Weaver and Emily Jones. The project grew out of a concert Emily gave at the Ars Nova conservatory when she invited Phil to perform some duets with her as a guest artist. Their first performance as Z.P. was August 2008 when they played at the series Friday Night at the Back Dock for Lowe Mill Arts and Entertainment. Since then they have gone on to open for Michelle Malone, performed the Vivaldi Concerto in G to a crowd of over 700 people at the Classical Blues Cabaret City Lights concert, did a live radio concert for WLRH Public Radio that had listeners from Pensacola Florida to Portland Oregon, and recently packed the house at the Flying Monkey Arts Center Theater. This past January they performed at the Classical Blues Cabaret Concert at Decatur's historic Princess Theatre with blues guitarist Microwave Dave Gallaher and pianist Ingrid von Spakovsky. Their handmade Spanish concert guitars, Emily's John Ray and Phil's Ramirez Elite, complement each other tonally.

“No other classical musicians have as much fun onstage as these two." - (Corry Lee Smith)

"Great night of classical music with Phil Weaver and Emily Jones. Great music, great venue. they had a great time and will be back. Much classical guitar originated in folk music and they brought it full circle, back to the grassroots. They even enjoyed the sirens, trains and other street sounds which accompanied them at times, but especially they enjoyed the attentive and appreciative audience." - (Bob Keefe)


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