Phil Weaver

Innovative Classical Guitar
Toot & Twang

Guitarist Phil Weaver and flutist Rosa Vidro Richardson, have performed at the Moonfolk festival at Lowe Mill, two live radio concerts on WLRH Public Radio, the Kentuck Festival, Berkeley Bob's Coffee House, Tangled String Studios' house concert series, and the Union Grove Gallery at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, where they both are on the UAH music faculty. They play tangos by Piazzolla, sambas, xotes, and bossa novas by Celso Machado, the Evocacion y Joropo and Progresiones para Pauline by Jose Luis Merlin, music by Mason Williams (of Classical Gas fame), flamenco, even an arrangement of Radiohead's Karma Police. They perform solos as well, such as Rhonda Larson's virtuosic Be Still my Soul for flute and Edin Solis' Afro-Caribbean Tambito Josefino for solo guitar. The name Toot & Twang is a jab at the unnecessary pretense of instrumental music, a Powell concert flute and a Ramirez Elite don't toot or twang (hopefully), it's just that Phil and Rosa couldn't bring themselves to use bellissima, firenze, or profondo in a band name. They are equally comfortable performing in a concert hall or a street corner. Leave the minks and tuxedos at home and enjoy a concert that is exciting, fun, and relevant by two musicians who take their music but not themselves seriously.

Toot and Twang graphic by Meredith Kilby                                                                  Photo by Luis R. Lebron
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