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Innovative Classical Guitar
Rosewood, Fire, and Steel

Rosewood, Fire, and Steel combines classical guitar with the ancient art of sword-swallowing, dance, and fire-eating for a performance that is both musically and visually thrilling. The duo teams up guitarist Phil Weaver with Patricia Forrest AKA brittney blades, who has an extensive background in dance and musical theater. She was a member of the Huntsville Ballet Company and danced in the Nutcracker as well as other ballets. She is a member of the Sword Swallowers Association International, a very exclusive group of only a few dozen members worldwide. Humor is also a big part of a RFS show- Patricia and Phil play very well off of each other onstage.

RFS photos by Carolyn Bild
Starr Forrest, artistic director

Wow!! Now that's entertainment! She's quite amazing....and you sound great, perfect choice of piece, beautifully played. Very artsy filming too. Keep up the great work.
William Kanengiser

Looks like a great collaborative activity with transformative potential for the entire music world, bridging the gap between elite and popular cultures with sublimely transgressive creative energies.
Charles Duncan

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